For us to achieve our company goal, the following objectives are always given priority:-

  • Offer reliable and Up to date agriculture extension services to farmers that among many training’s cover good climate smart agriculture practices, life skills, financial management and personal safety, environment and health.
  • To inform farmers on the dangers and challenges of Climate change and transmit and equip farmers with information on how to advocate and practice climate smart agriculture. This will help in mitigating some of the factors that accelerate climate change and degrade the environment.
  • Provide platforms for discussions, and improved access to information transfer from agriculture extension personnel, to farmer associations, hubs and groups on latest technologies, changes in weather and any other information that is deemed appropriate to help farmers improve and increase their yields.
  • Provide reliable, trusted and sustained market for agriculture produce to contracted farmers at premium prices to attractive and  enable many farmers more especially women and youth  join the agribusiness sector.
  • Promote and advocate for partnerships more especially with input dealers, Non Governmental organisations, researchers, academic institutions and the government. This will facilitate in resource mobilisation, awareness programs, quality input availability, market and any other information accessibility to farmers at appropriate and proper time management for farm activities.