Climate Smart Agriculture Extension Trainings

Climate Smart agriculture (CSA) is an approach of agriculture extension implemented by Transformation for rural development Ltd (TRAFORD) to equip farmers with necessary skills and knowledge to produce enough  food and produce, that meets  both local and export market standards. TRAFORD advocates and advises in climate smart farming with the aim of protecting the farming ecosystem from the hazards that result from poor farming practices such as poor land cultivation, poor application of agro-inputs, bush burning and poor post harvest handling,among many other poor practices.  These same poor agriculture practices are accelerating factors to climate change that emits carbon/ green house gases to the atmosphere. Climate Change adaptation ,mitigation and productivity calls for a cohesive effort of all stakeholders that are engaged in food production,public health and environmental protection.

Through promoting and practicing climate smart agriculture (CSA) by  farmers in Uganda, the youth and women capacities are enhanced to produce and market organic food sustainably, increase household incomes, produce enough food and gain more knowledge on the up to date modern farming practices and network with many other farmers through our agriculture outreach programs. Farmers themselves are trained to advocate and promote climate smart farming which helps the company in CSA knowledge transmission that will not only mitigate factors that accelerate climate change but also increase food security, reduce malnutrition and increase income generation base in and for their households.